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Love Bomb: A Novel by Lisa Zeidner

Love BombLove Bomb: A Novel
Lisa Zeidner
Picador Paperback
Publication Date: May 28, 2013

For a review copy (US and Canada only) or to schedule an interview with Lisa Zeidner please email gabrielle.gantz [at] picadorusa.com.

A wedding satire like no other … Now in paperback for wedding season

“Smart, funny, irreverent…[Zeidner tosses] well-aimed zingers this way and that while treating her characters with understanding, kindness, and affection. … A perfect summer novel.”—Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

“The fluidity of Zeidner’s prose, keeps us eagerly turning the pages….With the pleasing intensity of an action film and none of the boring car chases, Love Bomb is a witty, smart, and densely packed novel.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Explosively funny.”—Vanity Fair

“[I] thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Zeidner’s Love Bomb: It’s wise, laugh-aloud funny, and totally entertaining.”—Nancy Pearl

“It’s Zeidner’s insight into—and keen sympathy for—human foibles that supplies Love Bomb’s biggest impact.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Love Bomb is buoyed by Zeidner’s sympathetic sense of humor… Even the grumpiest reader will warm to Zeidner’s sweeter ideas about love and loyalty, marriage, motherhood, and romance.”—Katie Haegele, The Philadelphia Inquirer

In quaint Haddonfield, New Jersey, Tess is about to marry Gabe in her childhood home. Her mother, Helen, is panicked about the guest list—which promises warring exes, racial tensions, and way too many psychiatrists. But the most challenging guest is uninvited: a woman in a wedding dress, wearing a gas mask and toting a sawed-off shotgun, with a bomb trigger strapped to her arm. While the warm, wise Helen attempts to control the hysteria, the hostages unravel their connections to their captor and to one another. Together, they await the arrival of the SWAT team—and the moment when “the terrorist of love” reveals her true motives.

Explosive, intelligent, and utterly uproarious, LOVE BOMB is at once a tough, tender social comedy and a romance with guts, written out of affection for everything it skewers.

LISA ZEIDNER has published four previous novels, including the critically acclaimed Layover, and two books of poems. Her stories, reviews, and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Slate, GQ, Tin House, and elsewhere. She is a professor in the MFA program in creative writing at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey.

Cover image for download
Lisa’s website

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Island of Wings by Karin Altenberg

Island of Wings
Karin Altenberg
Penguin Paperback Original
On Sale:  December 27, 2011
eGalley available through NetGalley 

“Drawing on historically accurate roots, including real-life figures Neil and Lizzie MacKenzie, Altenberg creates a mesmerizing tapestry that will surely linger in the reader’s mind.”

“Altenberg’s book is deeply entrenched in historical detail, vivid in its descriptions of geography”
—Publishers Weekly 

 “With scrupulous attention to place, history, and the natural world, ISLAND OF WINGS tells a story washed by a clean and lovely kind of sorrow.”
—Anne Enright, Man Booker Prize–winning author of The Gathering 

“Karin Altenberg… combines scrupulous research with psychological acuity in exploring the marital and pastoral struggles of Reverend Neil Mackenzie, minister of St Kilda from 1829 to 1844. His flock is essentially pagan: they worship their ancestors, not Christ. Yet they accept their sufferings with an implacable serenity that highlights Mackenzie’s demons and doubts, driving him to the brink of madness.”
The Economist “Pick of Summer Fiction”

“It isn’t easy for a contemporary writer to get inside a Calvinist mind, or to depict how people could live with any dignity in such a primitive place … By respecting the details of religious history and the natural world, Altenberg does both beautifully.”
Guardian (UK)

Sailing west from theHebridesto the islands of St. Kilda in July of 1830, everything lies ahead for Lizzie and Neil McKenzie. Neil is to become the minister to the small community of islanders and Lizzie, his new wife, is pregnant with their first child.

ISLAND OF WINGS is a voyage mixed with adventure and redemption. Neil’s journey is evangelical: a testing and strengthening of his own faith against the old pagan ways of the St. Kildans as well as a passage to atonement. For Lizzie—bright, beautiful and devoted—this is an excursion into the unknown. Her only certainty is her loyalty and love for her husband, both of which will be sorely tested in the years to come.

About Karin Altenberg
Born and brought up in southern Sweden, Karin Altenberg moved toBritainto study in 1996. She holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Reading. Her thesis was published in 2001 and won the Nordenstedska Foundation Award. She is currently senior advisor to the Swedish National Heritage Board and is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London. ISLAND OF WINGS is her first novel. She is currently working on her second.

For More Information
Press Release for Download
Cover Image for Download
Author Photo for Download

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Planning Ahead: Winter 2012

Here’s a list of books I’m working on for our Winter 2012 season. I have a limited number of galleys but feel free to request. As review copies become available each title will have its own page. Please follow Books on Tap on Facebook for updates. Please email me at Gabrielle.Gantz [at] us.penguingroup.com to be included on a book’s mailing list. More information about these titles will be posted as it becomes available.

Title: A Safeway in Arizona: What the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting Tells Us About the Grand Canyon State and Life in America 
Author: Tom Zoellner
Imprint: Viking (Hardcover)
On Sale: December 29, 2011
Category: Current Events / Politics
Penguin Group page
Author’s Website

Title: Island of Wings: A Novel
Karin Altenberg
Imprint: Penguin (Paperback Original)
On Sale: December 27, 2011
Category: Fiction
Penguin Group page

Title: The Second Shift: Working Families and the Revolution at Home
Author: Arlie Hochschild
Imprint: Penguin (Paperback Reissue with Updated Material)
On Sale: January 31, 2012
Category: Social Sciences / Women’s Studies
Penguin Group page 

Title: Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North
Ibn Fadlan; Translated with Introduction by Paul Lunde & Caroline Stone
 Penguin Classics
On Sale:
January 31, 2012
Travel / History / Essays / Middle East
Penguin Group page

Title: Reading For My Life: Writings, 1958-2008
 John Leonard
Viking (Hardcover)
On Sale:
 March 15, 2012
Category: Literary Criticism / Essays

Title: Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
 Ahmed Rashid
Viking (Hardcover)
On Sale:
 March 15, 2012
Category: Foreign Relations / Current Affairs / Politics / Southeast Asia
Author’s Penguin Group page 

Title: The Maid and the Queen: The Secret History of Joan of Arc
 Nancy Goldstone
Viking (Hardcover)
On Sale:
 March 29, 2012
Category: History / Biography
Author’s Website

Title: The Nobleman and Other Romance
Author: Isabelle de Charriere
Imprint: Penguin Classics (Paperback)
On Sale: March 27, 2012
Category: Classics / Short Stories

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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I by Margaret George
Viking / On-Sale: April 5, 2011

Praise for ELIZABETH I

“This is Margaret George’s best novel yet, and a true masterpiece.  Her Elizabethis unforgettable.”
—Sharon Kay Penman

“This is one of the best historical novels I have read in ages, a stunning tour de force. It conveys a vivid and authentic sense of Elizabeth Tudor and her world. Extensively researched with the highest integrity, and deeply engaging, it sets a new benchmark for the genre. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
—Alison Weir

“George’s mastery of period detail and her sure navigation through the rocky shoals of Elizabethan politics mean this lengthy novel never flags.”
Booklist (starred)

“Like her heroine, George possesses an eye for beauty and a knack for detail, creating a vibrant story that, for nearly 700 pages, enables readers to experience firsthand Elizabeth’s decisions, triumphs, and losses. Rather than turn Elizabeth I into a romantic heroine, George painstakingly reveals a monarch who defined an era.”
Publishers Weekly (starred)

“Nicely bloody and byzantine.”

“The epitome of a well-researched book. . . . This novel is by far the most human look at Elizabeth[and] an absolute must read for ElizabethI fans.”
Dallas Examiner

“This is a magnificent, stay-up-all-night page-turner. . . . Margaret George dazzles.”
GoodReads (Movers & Shakers feature)

 “Illuminating. . . . An up-close-and-personal view of Elizabeth’s inner life and private circle: at court, in parliament, and as commander-in-chief of the world’s greatest empire.”

Book Reporter

“A richly fleshed out story [and] a tantalizing glimpse into what Elizabeth may have been like.”
San Jose Examiner

“By carefully blending the rich historical detail that is available with her own equally rich imagination, George presents a fascinating portrait of a smart, brave and politically savvy leader who was nevertheless also human and emotional”
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

About the Book:
More than 400 years after the death of Elizabeth I, the last and longest-reigning of the Tudor monarchs, the dynasty continues to fascinate us, living on in Hollywood blockbusters like “The Other Boleyn Girl,” television series like Showtime’s “The Tudors” and books like Hilary Mantel’s award-winning Wolf Hall. ELIZABETH I (Viking; ISBN: 9780670022533; On-sale Date: April 5, 2011; Pages: 688; Price: $30), by Margaret George, one of our premier writers of historical fiction, is one of the few works to explore England’s most famous queen at the height of her powers, picking up where other books leave off—just as the Spanish Armada is about to invade. In truth, the Armada was the beginning of a great era, not its finale.

About Margaret George:
Margaret George is the author of several bestselling novels, including The Autobiography of Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scotland & the Isles, The Memoirs of Cleopatra, Mary, Called Magdalene, and Helen of Troy. She travels widely to research her novels

For More Information:
Press Release
Cover Image
Author’s Website

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Deep Down True

Deep Down True by Juliette Fay
Penguin Paperback Original / On Sale: January 25, 2011 

Juliette Fay’s second novel, DEEP DOWN TRUE: A Novel (Penguin Paperback Original / On-Sale: January 25, 2011 / ISBN: 978-0-143-11851-0 / $15.00 / 432 pgs) is the story of Dana Stellgarten, a quintessential good girl whose unfailing “niceness” is acquiring a surprising edge.

DEEP DOWN TRUE is a novel about having your heart in the right place when everything else – from husbands to loyalties to jeans size – isn’t.

New York Times bestselling author Emily Giffin calls DEEP DOWN TRUE “sincere, powerful and heartfelt,” with “a ‘me, too’ moment on every page, right down to the satisfying finish.”

“Fay grants them their flaws as generously as she celebrates their daily decencies, their persistent hopefulness, their moments of personal grace,” says New York Times bestselling author Marisa De Los Santos.


“Fay imbues Dana with the smarts and insecurities that war within most of us. . . .Highly recommended for fans of women’s fiction featuring resilient heroines.”
—Library Journal

“Fay. . .gives readers a believe able cast, from the daughter struggling with the wolf-pack mentality of middle school to Dana’s sometimes obnoxious yet fiercely loving sister. It expertly walks a heavily trodden path.”
—Publishers Weekly

For More Information:
Press Release
Cover Image for Download
Author’s Website 

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