Poll: Review Copy Lead Time

Hello all, if you could take a few seconds to answer this poll I would appreciate it. Please feel free to leave comments below.



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4 responses to “Poll: Review Copy Lead Time

  1. Tom Beer

    I’d say 3 months, even though we’re a weekly section. I need the time to consider a book, then send it to a reviewer, etc. Thanks for asking.

  2. As a blogger, I prefer to get review copies at least a month in advance, but since I decide what to review and when to post my reviews, I can be flexible. If my schedule’s not too bad, I’ll happily accept a shorter lead time. I’ll also make an effort if I can get a print copy.
    A lot of publishers using NetGalley (my main source of ARCs) seem to post books just before they get published or even after they’re published, but I’ve reached the point where I avoid those unless I really really want them, or I end up with too much on my plate.

  3. I work with a few blog tour companies so I’m often booked three or four months in advance — like Lauren, that often means arcs via NetGalley don’t get selected/used when I’m browsing as they’re released near book release date — and by then, I’m usually full.

  4. I usually only review one or two books at a time to keep from getting overloaded. I usually just need 2 weeks or less (but I’m a speedy reader).

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