Gandhi: A Manga Biography

Gandhi: A Manga Biography
by Kazuki Ebine

Penguin Paperback
On Sale: September 27, 2011

In clear, concise prose and evocative, engaging drawings, award-winning manga artist Kazuki Ebine’s GANDHI: A Manga Biography (Penguin Paperback / 978-0-1-4312024-7 / On Sale: September 27, 2011 / 192 pages / $15.00) shows us the path of Gandhi’s life, from his childhood in India to his studies in England to the beginning of his activism in South Africa and his return to India to lead the movement for independence.

Kazuki Ebine is a young up-and-coming manga artist in Tokyo. His previous works range from science fictions to everyday life of a rock band. Kazuki has won several highly recognized awards from the major comic book magazines in Japan.

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