The Most Dangerous Place

The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan’s Lawless Frontier by Imtiaz Gul
 Penguin Paperback / On Sale: May 31, 2011
With a new preface from the author

In The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan’s Lawless Frontier, veteran Pakistani journalist and broadcaster Imtiaz Gul offers a definitive exposé of a region that few Americans can penetrate, and that we need urgently need to understand.

Courageously reported and based on hundreds of interviews with key players (both Pakistani and American), The Most Dangerous Place brings into question some of our fundamental assumptions about Pakistan:

  • What can be done to reign in the terror groups attacking India and Afghanistan and Pakistan itself while using the Pakistani territory as their base?
  • Are sections of the Pakistani military establishment supporting some of these groups? If so which ones, and why?
  • Is Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal at risk of falling into the hands of the most-feared terrorist organizations in the world?
  • Did the disastrous floods in the summer of 2010 strengthen the hand of the militants?
  • What did Wikileaks reveal about our relationship with the Pakistani military?
IMTIAZ GUL has been reporting on Islamist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan since the late 1980s and has written extensively for Pakistan’s Friday Times and The News. His first book “The Unholy Nexus”  chronicled Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan and particularly with the Taliban. He has reported on Pakistan for CNN and appears regularly on Al Jazeera and on German radio and Indian and Pakistani television. He heads the Center for Research and Security Studies in Islamabad.

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