A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism

A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism: Fables from a Mouse, a Parrot, a Bear, a Cat, a Mole, a Pig, a Dog, and a Raven
by Slavenka Drakulic

Penguin Paperback Original / On Sale: February 22, 2011 

“Ms Drakulic’s words are not easily forgotten.”
The Economist

In A GUIDED TOUR THROUGH THE MUSEUM OF COMMUNISM: Fables from a Mouse, a Parrot, a Bear, a Cat, a Mole, a Pig, a Dog, and a Raven(Penguin Paperback Original / On-Sale: February 22, 2011 / ISBN: 978-0-143-11863-3 / 208pages / $14.00), Slavenka Drakulić, who The Washington Post calls “a perceptive and amusing social critic,” takes readers on a journey through eight former Eastern Bloc countries, twenty years after the fall of the Communism.A GUIDED TOUR THROUGH THE MUSEUM OF COMMUNISM is a biting and brilliant critique of communism narrated by an array of unlikely characters: a mouse in Prague, a parrot from the former Yugoslavia, a Bulgarian bear, a cat in Warsaw, a mole from East Germany, a Hungarian pig, a dog in Bucharest, and an Albanian raven. Told in the first person, these astute animals offer the readers their own stories of life under the former communist regimes and what came after their demise. These sharp-witted observers wonder—in their own particular ways—whether democracy and capitalism were a change for the better and ask big questions: has the idea of social justice been lost forever? What are we to do with our past?

About the Author
Slavenka Drakulić was born in Croatia in 1949. Her nonfiction books include a trilogy on communism: How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed, a feminist critique of communism that brought her to the attention of the public in the West, Café Europa: Life After Communism (Penguin).

She also wrote a trilogy about the war in the Balkans: The Balkan Express: Fragments from the Other Side of the War, a personal eyewitness account of the war in her homeland and They Would Never Hurt a Fly (Penguin) about trials of war criminals in The Hague. The third part, a novel  S. (Penguin), has  been made into a major motion picture under the title As if I am Not There.

Drakulić is the author of the novels Holograms of Fear, which was a bestseller in Yugoslavia and was short-listed for The Best Foreign Book Award by the Independent (UK), Marble Skin, and The Taste of a Man (Penguin), as well as Frida’s Bed, a novel about Frida Kahlo.

Her books are translated in over twenty languages

She is a contributing editor to The Nation, and her articles appeared in The New Republic, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), Dagens Nyherter (Sweden), La Stampa (Italy), The Guardian (UK), as well as many other magazines and newspapers. She now divides her time between Sweden and Croatia.

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