Miral: A Novel (Movie Tie-In) by Rula Jebreal
Penguin Paperback Original / On Sale: November 3, 2010 

Now a major motion picture from Director Julian Schnabel featuring Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto

“Miral tells a gripping story with nuanced characters and historical context that thoroughly humanizes the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”
Associated Press

“Jebreal’s refusal to categorize her characters as angelic or evil is refreshing; she simply demonstrates that each acts according to circumstances.”
Library Journal

“An incredibly moving story that sheds light on the problems of a country torn by conflict, and told from the unique perspective of a young girl.”
Corriere Magazine (Italy)

“Poignant and disturbing.”
Femme Actuelle (France)

“Moving and tragic, but always full of hope.”
Mujer de Hoy (Spain)

For More Information:
Press Release
Cover Image for Download
Author’s Website


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